About Us

Trainor Associates was founded in 1985 with the purpose of establishing a national growth strategy firm in the serene setting of upstate New York, amid the pristine foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, assembling a team of administrative, innovative, and creative professionals with major market experience.

Trainor is recognized for exceptional ingenuity, a result of unique talent, innovation, creativity, systems, and process management, and helping companies and organizations grow their business, brand, and market share.

In order to establish national and international clientele while remaining headquartered in upstate New York, the firm recognized the need to invest substantially in cutting edge information technology, developing proprietary administration, creative, and communication network platforms.

As office networks became mainstream, the firm was an early adopter of advancing technology, maintaining its efficiency and competitive advantage, and leveraging the Internet as early as 1990 to expand even more rapidly.

The result is an industry leading operation with the highest professional management and creative values, a seamless interface between administrative and creative principals, and the capability to offer clients the benefits of best-of-breed technology applications in client service, communication, market research, media, print design and pre-press, broadcast production, and digital, web, and online branded content.

This technology platform allows the firm’s principals to focus on ingenuity, innovation, and strategy in meeting client business growth challenges and opportunities.

This has resulted in clients ranging from local, regional, national, and international in a variety of industries. From New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, and Pittsburgh to London and Copenhagen, we assist clients from private to Fortune 500 in growing their business.